This Month's Character: Daredevil


Urchin Sketch is a weekly sketch blog hosted by Urchin Collective, a group of comic illustrators and writers from St. Louis, MO. Each week we pick a character--from literature, history, film, comics, pop culture, etc.--to draw, and then various artists publish their character rendition.

Urchin Collective was formed in 2008, although not under the same name. Mostly, we're called the Coffee Shop group or, more recently, the Mixed Feelings group, after the comic book we publish. The group was created by Chris Sagovac as a resident artist at the Luminary Center for the Arts. When Chris completed the residency, the group found a new home at Stone Spiral Coffee, where we've been meeting ever since.

As a group we do three things on a semi-regular basis. One, we meet weekly at the aforementioned coffee shop where we harass each other about the upcoming book deadline and pick a character for this sketch blog. Two, we host this sketch blog. Three, we publish the Mixed Feelings comic anthologies. 

If you are interested in any of the above, email